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Email Geolocation

[…] you can send a photo, via email, from any GPS-enabled device and we’ll use that information to automatically set the location of your blog post. WordPress.com only, so far.

How Automattic Makes Money

Learned new things there, like: Free blogs hosted on WordPress.com may sometimes carry Google ads but these ads may only appear if all the following three conditions are met: 1. The visitor is not...

The hardware behind WordPress.com

150 HP DL165s dual quad-core AMD 2354 processors 2GB-4GB RAM 50 HP DL365s dual dual-core AMD 2218 processors 4GB-16GB RAM 5 HP DL185s dual quad-core AMD 2354 processors 4GB RAM That’s pretty powerful stuff....

What is Readomattic?

If you’re a WP.com user, you should see a link called Readomattic to the left side of the Dashboard area. Looks like it’s some sort of Tag Surfer & Blog Surfer hybrid thingie.