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Designing Faster with a Baseline Grid

I’m to working with vertical grid. Not so with adding baseline grid, though, despite it being the key to having a typographic rhythm: Building a horizontal grid is of course a fundamental step, but...

Know Your Type: Myriad

Eugene Mosier, production art director at the time praised the typeface for its “proletarian feel,” appropriately dubbing Myriad the “Volkswagen bug of typefaces.” Read the article here.

Web Safe Fonts Cheat Sheet

An updated (written in April 2010), well researched, CC-licensed Web safe fonts cheat sheet, available both in low-res PNG and high-rest PDF. Even the article is useful as well.

A Great Guide on CSS Font Stack

This is a highly informative post about how to set a better font stack for your CSS. If you’ve ever need to set your web design’s font-family—that is, all the time—then you owe yourself...