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TwentyEleven Theme

For a while now, a kickass theme has been available for WordPress.com users, called the Duster theme. This theme has been converted for WordPress.org users and seems to be given a new name, the...

Theming for the Masses

I got plenty of good design and code considerations in this slideshow from Wordcamp Seattle 2011, by Michael Fields. I wish there’s a presentation video somewhere.

Blank WordPress Theme

Some people like a full-fledged framework, but some other might prefer a blank theme instead to start their development. It has all the theme functions (even some nice stuff to learn in its function.php),...

Pico Theme Update: Version 1.0.7

It looks like Pico wins something (yay!), so to celebrate here’s an update for it, bringing it to version 1.0.7. The improvements are: The home page now shows previous and next posts navigation links....