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Crayon Syntax Highlighter plugin

I’ve always been on the hunt for that perfect syntax highlighter plugin. Currently I’m using WP-Syntax, which does its job very well. However I’ve just found this plugin called Crayon Syntax Highlighter, which could...

Me Likey: WordPress Timeago Plugin

Fuzzy, live updating dates for WordPress (e.g: your post’s date will say ‘posted 1 hour ago’ instead of ‘posted March 23, 2010). If you don’t need the live updating feature, WordPress already comes with...

Mangling strings for fun and profit

From the article: […]how to change one of the translatable strings in WordPress without hacking a core file using the filters available in the translation functions


Add caption to post images and send it to the Cheezburger Network with this neat, lulzy plugin. You can haz LOLPress.