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What's the suckage to usage ratio?

Yesterday I finally submitted a new theme to the Theme Directory after taking too much time thinking “I really should add this one more feature, and then that, too”. Next time I’ll be sure...

Permanently Deleted

A reflection (that I personally enjoy reading) about how the presence of the Trash feature on 2.9 affects a writer’s workflow and way of thinking. Not really about whether a new feature is valuable...

Email Geolocation

[…] you can send a photo, via email, from any GPS-enabled device and we’ll use that information to automatically set the location of your blog post. WordPress.com only, so far.

The Tumblr Backup App is Awesome

No, really: Unlike other publishing sites’ approach to backups, our goal was to create a useful copy of your blog’s content that can be viewed on any computer, burned to a CD, or hosted...

What is Readomattic?

If you’re a WP.com user, you should see a link called Readomattic to the left side of the Dashboard area. Looks like it’s some sort of Tag Surfer & Blog Surfer hybrid thingie.