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Stop Being an Idiot

Steve Smith disagrees with the notion that we need to design interfaces with “users are stupid” in mind: Writing people off, and dumbing down utility in the name of stupidity is, well, stupid. Bring...

Life Below 600px

A smart article (also nicely designed, I must add) debunking the above-the-fold myth in web design: Imagine a newspaper squashed all of its quality content on the front page. How disappointed would you be...

Theme Developers, Learn to Steal the Right Way!

I’ve talked about this on WPTavern before, but Leland’s tweet made me feel that we should talk about this more. Remember when LogoMaid ripped of Dan Cederholm’s logo? Everybody pretty much agreed that that...

Redesigning the Undersigned

Simon Collison redesigns his blog and chronicles the process. Forget all those design trend articles and just take a look at his superb creation.