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Theming for the Masses

I got plenty of good design and code considerations in this slideshow from Wordcamp Seattle 2011, by Michael Fields. I wish there’s a presentation video somewhere.

Don’t Mimic Real-World Interfaces

Ben Brooks talks about how creating realistic looking interfaces (like OSX Lion’s iCal) is not necessarily the best option: It’s great that you spent 16 hours making that wood grain and stainless steel look...

Designing Faster with a Baseline Grid

I’m to working with vertical grid. Not so with adding baseline grid, though, despite it being the key to having a typographic rhythm: Building a horizontal grid is of course a fundamental step, but...

Know Your Type: Myriad

Eugene Mosier, production art director at the time praised the typeface for its “proletarian feel,” appropriately dubbing Myriad the “Volkswagen bug of typefaces.” Read the article here.