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The Nicest 2010 Child Theme You’ll See Today

The Timaru Mental Health Support Trust website, made for charity by Team USA (comprised by web superstars like Jason Santa Maria, Dan Mall, Liz Danzico and Automattic’s John Ford) during the FullCodePress competition, is...

A Sample WordPress Theme Options Page

Been looking for this kind of theme options “framework” for ages. It’s simple to use and consistent with the WordPress UI look (here’s why it’s important). Bonus quote from Ian: (…) if a theme...

The Best CMS

I’m currently feeling pretty tired of the usual WordPress tutorials, so here’s a well-written article discussing what CMS is best for your need.

WordPress Default CSS Styles

Jeff Starr lists all (ALL!) the classes and IDs generated by WordPress, ready for us to CSS away. Hats off to Jeff, this obviously takes a lot of time to finish. A must bookmark...

WordPress ModGuide

This is a very nice collection of WordPress-related links, grouped by subjects. I’m tagging this ‘awesome’.

The WordPress CMS Toolkit

This is huge. Check out these useful plugins they release for free, too. Tagged this wis “Awesome“, because it definitely is.