New Dashboard Applied to

Totally respect Matt for being there and answering people’s question. The general response seems to be good; here are some complaints that I think are quite valid.

Full Size on photos is NOT full size. Had to go in under HTML and adjust that.

If I recall it right the image size is hardcoded to about a few hundreds pixels. Here is Matt’s explanation about this. A necessary decision, I think, better explain this to the users though.

Just wish I would have gotten an email or advanced noticed as a screen message on the Dashboard that the change was coming

Some people are understandably surprised with the sudden change, there are few cases where they were still writing posts when the change happens. Imagine saving a post and, bam, new UI. Would freak me out, I’m sure.

I have 60+ categories and now I can only see 5 or 6 at any given time? That’s a lot of extra scrolling and a lot of wasted space given the width of it.

This is my favorite of all rants, though:

If I wanted to be pissed off at the software I use, I’d use Moveable Type.

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WordCamp Dallas 2008 Stories

So it seems like everyone attending WordCamp Dallas 2008 had a great time! Here’s from Ptah:

To summarize things up, I had a blast meeting so many people, getting a few business leads, learning a few new features in WordPress 2.5 I didn’t know existed, where it’s headed and just getting to know some passionate people who all have one thing in common: we love using WordPress.


# of Lorelle VanFossen WordPress Power Tips heard (Lost Count)


[Lorelle’s] session was fantastic. It never ceased to amaze me how she would take direct shots at specific features of WordPress, even with Matt sitting right there. This lady has guts :-)

and Jessica:

First and foremost, the weekend was so much fun! I got to meet some great local and not-so-local people from my Twitter timeline, and I made a lot of new connections as well. It was wonderful to be at an event with so many like-minded people all striving towards the same goal–to be better bloggers.

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No Flash Uploader Plugin

With the release of 2.5 came the Flash Uploader functionality, which unfortunately cause some problems in people’s installation.

Some of the problems might already be fixed and will be shipped with the 2.5.1 release, but to those who simply can’t wait, you can use this plugin to disable the Flash uploader (use the “Download in other formats” option at the very bottom of the page to save the plugin’s php file).

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bbPress 0.9 “Brubeck” Released

Compatibility, and then some:

Primarily this is a compatibility release so that we can continue to provide the same integration levels with WordPress as in the past, however quite a few other improvements have made their way into this version.

Aside from integration with the shiny new WordPress 2.5, some interesting new updates including the new installer and an additional core theme called Kakumei Blue.

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Hello from WPLover!

By the time I realized that my studio’s blog is filled with WordPress related articles, I knew it could only mean one thing: I loved it quite a lot. And suddenly I had this itch to create a separate space for me to write about anything WordPress.

So, WPLover is born. I’ll admit it upfront that I’m inspired by the likes of Kottke and Daring Fireball. I loved their stream of small, easily digestible linked lists, sprinkled with the occasional in-depth blog post, and I’ll try to emulate their format here.

Now, about this particular site, you’ll notice that it lacks many whistle-and-bells: just take a look at that funny sidebar. Heck, you can’t even comment right now, due to the lack of any comment template in place. Please be patient with that: I’m planning to start with the bare minimum and just begin writing. Functionality will be added as needed (read: I’m lazy), but I hope you still can enjoy what you can find here.

PS: I didn’t check this design in Internet Explorer. If you’re still using it, you deserve to browse happier.

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