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12 Killer Tips for Designing in the Browser

Pico was designed directly in the browser, mostly with Firefox and Firebug. Overall, I find it’s much easier and faster tweaking certain things with CSS instead of on an image editor. Here are some...

2010 Open Source Design Plans

Totally delighted to hear about the new wp-ui list and its corresponding irc room. These deal with improving WordPress’ user interface, and I hope they can attract designers to contribute more to WordPress. Here’s...

Blog comments design considerations

An article on blog comments layout design, discussing threaded comments, avatars, and so on. I’m really weak at designing comment design, so this is very, very useful.

Designs of the Year: 2009

If you’re a web designer then you owe yourself to read this. If you’re looking to get a site designed, you owe yourself to read it as well. Truth: Not every great design jumps...

Designs of the Year: 2009

Nowadays it’s pretty clear that when Scrivs writes about web design, you stop what you’re doing and go read. This is one of such occasion. Go, read.