The Week in WordPress: 2nd Week of September, 2012

WordPress 3.4.2 is out. It’s a maintenance and security release, so better be upgrading if you haven’t yet.

Here’s an article on Forbes about the history of WordPress and Automattic. I always find Automattic to be a company that does the right thing, for the most part. Seems to be a great working place, too. Matt Mullenweg wrote his thought about that article as well.

Making of: Redesign“. Bill Erickson wrote some of the best WordPress tutorials out there, and the website recently got a redesign from well-known designer Rafal Tomal. The article reveals a detailed look into his redesign process.

The Ecology of WordPress Plugin Development” is a well-written article about making your code ecosystem-friendly. The lessons should apply both for plugin and theme development.

5 Common WordPress Issues and How to Fix Them” is a quick read, good to know the solution for each of these.

Problems with themes on ThemeForest, are problems with themes“. Japh Thomson, WordPress Evangelist at Envato, addresses the problem us developers often find when working with themes bought from ThemeForest. The discussion in the comment section is especially worth reading.

Ultimate WordPress Custom Post Type Tricks Roundup“. Title says all.

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The Week in WordPress: 1st Week of September, 2012

A guide to using WordPress to build SaaS Web Apps

A nice guide about using WordPress for creating web apps. Clever hacks involved. (via @kovshenin)

“The Plugins I Run”

Pippins Williamson went through the collection of plugins he have installed in his site, Pippin’s Plugins. His site is a rather advanced WordPress site with memberships, restricted contents, as well as offering various plugin downloads, so it’s worth taking a look what plugins help running it.

WordPress themes in top 1 million websites

An analysis on what themes are used by the most popular WordPress sites. Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven top the list, a testimony of how capable the default themes are to support some of the biggest sites on the Web. (via @nomadone)

How To Add WordPress Themes Hooks and Actions to Your Existing WordPress Theme

If you develop a theme with modification and child theming in mind, adding hooks to common areas in the theme’s layout is a must. Here’s a neat tutorial to help you do just that.

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The Week in WordPress: 2nd Week of August, 2012

Core Contributor Handbook

WordCamp San Francisco 2012 Group Notes

State of the Word 2012

Preserved HTML Editor Markup plugin.


Media Wireframes

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The Week in WordPress: 4th Week of July, 2012

Why the WordPress theme customizer matters

Andy Adams of The Theme Foundry argues that the theme customizer is a key feature for WordPress’s relevance in the “build-your-own-site” market. I agree completely. Front-end customization via the theme customizer, and the theme customizer only, must become the new standard.


WPRealm is a great WordPress group blog with news, tutorials, and columns. Between this and Code Poet, it’s nice that WordPress is mature enough to the point that in-depth publications are showing up here and there.

Create A Responsive, Mobile-First WordPress Theme

A complete overview from planning to testing and everything in between.

WordPress Plugin Development Strategies

Good article by Pippin Williamson, of Pippin’s Plugins fame. If you’re a theme developer, knowing how to build a plugin will give you an advantage. Some theme features are better served by a plugin, and you can expect theme-plugin bundling to be the standard in the near future.

Overriding Options and Meta

Sometimes we do need to override default WordPress option values to achieve something in our theme. This tutorial gives good ideas how to do that. However, it’s also important to not breaks user’s expectations when we do this (e.g: she inputs something, your theme displays something else).

Special Report #1: Data Protection

Food for thought. If people enters something into our theme/plugin settings, make sure of its security and that they can retrieve it back anytime they want.

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Classy Plugins

Eric Mann uses classes in his non object-oriented WordPress code. Here’s why.

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Playing Nice with the “the_content” Filter

This great article could be useful if for some reason you have a need to filter the_content in your theme.

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Google Goes After Links In WordPress Themes

New post from the Search Engine Roundtable: Someone “…received a response from Google to a reconsideration request that the only way his site will be reincluded in Google is if he removes all or most of the links in those WordPress themes.” The problem is that those links are in the form of sponsored links on footer (a practice I saw a lot in the past, not so much in the present).

I don’t think it will be easy, or even possible, to do what Google requested. If a theme contains an upgrade notification feature it might be possible to do, but even then the users might choose not to upgrade.

Secondly, if this is true, I wonder whether Google differentiates between credit links (“Designed by…”) and sponsored links. I would say they should, but then again I’m not a SEO guy.

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