Monthly Archive: March 2010


Hashgrid is a neat tool to show/hide a layout grid on your website design. Done with JS and CSS.

Not so standards-compliant after all

Go to and see how many different code it takes to get a rounded-corner to work on all browsers. Completely agree, browser-specific prefixes are very messy.

Notes on the 2010 WordPress Theme

A few thoughts followed by a discussion on how various things are done on the 2010 Theme. Completely agree with “Widgets are not List”. It can result in many nested lists that are hard...

Ian Stewart Joins Automattic

The job posting at Automattic Jobs for “Theme Czar” says You live and breathe WordPress themes. You are equally at home in Photoshop/Gimp, PHP, CSS, or the terminal. You’ve built numerous WordPress-as-CMS sites from...