Monthly Archive: January 2010

Theme Developers, Learn to Steal the Right Way!

I’ve talked about this on WPTavern before, but Leland’s tweet made me feel that we should talk about this more. Remember when LogoMaid ripped of Dan Cederholm’s logo? Everybody pretty much agreed that that...

When Your WordPress Blog Gets Hacked

There are plenty of security best practice articles out there, but what to do when your WordPress installation is already hacked? Here’s an awesomely comprehensive post.

Redesigning the Undersigned

Simon Collison redesigns his blog and chronicles the process. Forget all those design trend articles and just take a look at his superb creation.

Andreas Viklund’s site is for sale

Known for his famous WordPress themes that undoubtedly give him ton of backlinks, his PageRank 9 site is now for sale with a BIN of $250,000. Worth checking out even if just to see...

Preview: WordPress 3.0 Menu Management UI

I’ve seen this functionality built into some themes, but putting it in the WordPress core is clearly a better choice. Also notice how it works similarly to the Widget management area, thus making it...