Proportional leading with CSS3 Media Queries

Cross-browser kerning-pairs & ligatures

Web Safe Fonts Cheat Sheet

An updated (written in April 2010), well researched, CC-licensed Web safe fonts cheat sheet, available both in low-res PNG and high-rest PDF. Even the article is useful as well.

The Nicest 2010 Child Theme You’ll See Today

The Timaru Mental Health Support Trust website, made for charity by Team USA (comprised by web superstars like Jason Santa Maria, Dan Mall, Liz Danzico and Automattic’s John Ford) during the FullCodePress competition, is actually a clever child theme of 2010.

More recap by JSM, Daniel Mall, and Liz Danzico.

Let’s Define Minimalism

WordPress 3.0 Theme Tip: The Comment Form

The simpler way to code comment form (once you understand how hooks and filters work).


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