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Smart Tweet of the Day

wptavern: I’m beginning to wonder about the image editing features in WordPress. Shouldn’t post image editing be done prior to uploading anyways? Yes. There are very good web-based image editors out there, I don’t...

The Best CMS

I’m currently feeling pretty tired of the usual WordPress tutorials, so here’s a well-written article discussing what CMS is best for your need.

WordPress Default CSS Styles

Jeff Starr lists all (ALL!) the classes and IDs generated by WordPress, ready for us to CSS away. Hats off to Jeff, this obviously takes a lot of time to finish. A must bookmark...

HTML5 Watch

A new blog by Neven Mrgan, “collecting examples of creative, innovative, and unexpected use of emerging web technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3.” Subscribed.

Why Custom Post Types are Great

[…] the real power of custom post types is more subtle – it removes those posts from default queries. Great point by Alex King. No more ugly post exclusion based on category/tag/custom fields/whatever.

Google Font API

Very nice service by Google. The fonts available are all released under open-source licenses. via @darrenhoyt.