WordPress Syntax mode for Panic Coda

Pears, a Style Pattern Library WordPress Theme

Dan Cederholm, of SimpleBits fame, recently releases Pears,

an open source WordPress theme for creating your own markup & style pattern library

What a fantastic idea. This is a very niche theme, not trying to be everything to everyone, but clearly made with solving a particular problem in mind. It’s also well designed, as can be expected from Mr. Cederholm’s works. The project is also available in Github. (Oh, and it’s open sourced, of course).

Why I Don’t Host My Own Blog Anymore

Patrick McKenzie of Kalzumeus Software, on why he moved his blog to WPEngine.

Rambling Thoughts on Tumblr, WordPress, Posterous, Pinterest and Blogging

Khoi Vinh:

[...] I’ve never been a heavy WordPress user until now. I have to admit, its most recent version is full of the fun, geeky features that I like as a blogger, stuff that allows designer-editors to fully tweak the way content is output. It’s great.

Theme Options – Friend or Foe?

It’s getting quite clear now that the 2012 trend on WordPress theme is less theme options,

Minimising theme options used in themes, coupled with careful consideration of a component’s application in the theme and a selective placement of WordPress filters, allows for a richer theme setup experience for our users while still adding a level of flexibility that is possible to hone in on, should you wish to do so.

…but smarter themes that understand your needs better. Read the rest of the WooThemes post here.

WPCandy’s Completely Unofficial Guide to Plugin UI

Don’t steal my Theme Options

Andy Adam discusses his experience tweaking and modifying his theme’s options page to better fit the “zero configuration” philosophy. Respect to the Theme Foundry to go to this length thinking about how their theme should work, not just look, for their users.

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