Author: Hafiz Rahman

Ultimate Baseball Theme from Category 4

I’m a big fan of Category 4’s themes. Granted, they only have two themes released, but even at a glance you could see that they’re on a completely different level when it comes to...

Donncha Releases Theme Tester Plugin

Upload, activate, and bam. You can test new themes as administrator, yet regular users won’t see the change. Very useful. Also: Theme Test Drive is another alternative to this plugin.

Technorati Blocks Hacked WordPress Blogs

Following Bokardo’s story yesterday, Technorati announces that they will do the same thing Google did: Because of this ongoing problem, we’re discontinuing processing crawls of blogs that exhibit common symptoms of being compromised.

A Social Design Perspective on Hacking

Bokardo, Joshua Porter’s WordPress-powered blog, has been temporarily dropped from Google’s search result due to excessive spam comments. The highlight of the post, though, is his thoughts on hacking when viewed with the social...

A Look into Small Potato's $5 Themes Club

Jeff Chandler dubbed Small Potato’s $5 Themes Club as the almost perfect business model: I think the theme club and the way it’s been managed thus far has been of pure genius. However, as...

14 Days of Plugin

Scott Reilly on his awesome quest to dedicate 14 days of his developing new plugins plus updating his old ones: The premise is essentially the same: a new plugin a day, and at least...