Author: Hafiz Rahman

WPCandy Logo Login Plugin

Nifty little plugin that allows you to change WordPress’ logo on the login page with a picture of your own, provided the dimension is the same. If you want to go further, David Airey...


It is not as if there were not approximately thirty-seven million places on the Web to look at WordPress themes. There certainly are. Almost none of those places tell you much of anything about...

New Admin Bar for

The design lesson of the day is that the usage of gray/light gray color pushes the bar to the background, so it clashes less with the blog’s header design.

2.5.1 Can't Reset Password?

A temporary solution for WordPress’s 2.5.1 bug where you can’t reset your password. The fix is ready for 2.5.2, gotta wait for a few days for it I predict.

Matt's Talk at Web 2.0 Expo

New feature for (and plugin for, new theme, and more. One correction, though: Themes, which have become a veritable commodity with their own store… Uh. The store’s not open yet.