Author: Hafiz Rahman

WordPress Usability Testing in New York

We’ll be testing the WordPress interface over the next few weeks in New York City, and are looking for some volunteers to help us with this research. We’re looking for a range of WP...

Protecting Your Theme from Future WP Updates

Ian Stewart: I’ve been there. I’ve done everything the wrong way at least twice. Learn from my mistakes. Here’s the right way to modify your theme and protect it against any future upgrades. And...

Google Gears Compatibility Added

Support for Google Gears managed offline storage. The patch adds all static files used in the admin interface to a single offline storage. That speeds up page loading a lot, as it serves virtually...

24 Ways to Contribute to WP

Jeff Chandler with yet another great article. One thing I see too much of is the removal of the WordPress credit link located at the bottom of most themes. Sure, you don’t need to...

Scribkin's List of WP Plugins Used

It always fascinate me to learn what plugins people use and recommend. Most of the times I find plenty of new useful plugins that way (this time, Lighter Menus caught my attention).

Coming Soon: Reorder Gallery Functionality

Aaron D. Campbell’s WordPress Reorder Gallery plugin caught Matt’s attention and is likely to be included into future WP release. Here’s the trac ticket if you want to help with the development.