New Dashboard Applied to

Totally respect Matt for being there and answering people’s question. The general response seems to be good; here are some complaints that I think are quite valid.

Full Size on photos is NOT full size. Had to go in under HTML and adjust that.

If I recall it right the image size is hardcoded to about a few hundreds pixels. Here is Matt’s explanation about this. A necessary decision, I think, better explain this to the users though.

Just wish I would have gotten an email or advanced noticed as a screen message on the Dashboard that the change was coming

Some people are understandably surprised with the sudden change, there are few cases where they were still writing posts when the change happens. Imagine saving a post and, bam, new UI. Would freak me out, I’m sure.

I have 60+ categories and now I can only see 5 or 6 at any given time? That’s a lot of extra scrolling and a lot of wasted space given the width of it.

This is my favorite of all rants, though:

If I wanted to be pissed off at the software I use, I’d use Moveable Type.

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