Hackers Highlight 29 March 2009

This is the weekly Hackers Highlight, showcasing various interesting information that happened in the last week of WordPress hacker’s mailing list, wp-hackers.


Joost de Valk warned that he’d been restoring a bunch of 2.7.1 WordPress blogs from hack attempts lately. Symptomps were

iframes being added to the end of all index.php files in the blogs, in the footer. In some cases they were written with javascript, in other cases they were pure iframes.

Lynne Pope also reported another hacked 2.7.1. So far there’s no clear answer how and what this hack does. There’s a possibility that the attack originated from improperly configured shared-hosting issue, instead of a WP specific hack, but it’s mostly a guess now.

Joost also announced his latest plugin that adds a new WP Dashboard widget displaying plugin download statistics from WordPress.org. The current download page is here.

John Biddle started a discussion on WP’s front end performance.

John Sessford found a single page on a WP install that made about 275 database queries, making it very slow to load. Mark Jaquith gave a small how-to on displaying the details of all queries on a WP install. It could also be done with a plugin, Frank Bueltge added.

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