Hackers Highlight 22 March 2009

This is the weekly Hackers Highlight, showcasing various interesting information that happened in the last week of WordPress hacker’s mailing list, wp-hackers.

Dave Jaggy asked about custom taxonomies, which seems to be coming in 2.8. In the meanwhile, there’s Brian Krausz‘s plugin to do the job.

Alex Polite asked about ways to use a certain language inside the admin interface, and another language on the blog.

Jennifer Hodgdon had a problem following the Codex’s article on internationalizing plugin’s metadata. Turned out the article is somewhat outdated with missing instructions and files. You might want to read the thread if you’re having the same issue.

Jennifer also tried to dig deeper on registering plugin options. There seemed to be a lack of info on this right now.

Also, this is somewhat nice. Jeremy Visser found an old WordPress 1.5 inside his file server, dated in 2005, the day he first downloaded WP. He then wrote a heartfelt note to the WordPress community.

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