A Simple Love: A Thematic Child Theme from WPLover

I love Thematic and I think it’s a lot of great things in one package. And here’s a little something I did.

A Simple Love, A Thematic Child Theme

A Simple Love is a minimalistic, lighthearted 3 columns Thematic child theme with dashes of light blue and dark pink here and there. The goal is to provide better readability, less visual clutter, and simply to be pleasing to look at.

Demo and Download

For the demo, check out WPLover with A Simple Love activated.

Grab your copy of A Simple Love this way!


To use this theme, simply upload both the latest version of Thematic and A Simple Love into the usual wp-content/themes/ directory. Go to Appearance within your WordPress dashboard and A Simple Love should be available there ready to be activated.

Thanks and Have Fun!

Let me know if you have any suggestions to this theme! In the meanwhile, you might also want to read Ian’s excellent child theme write up to learn more about this subject.

Alternate Color Schemes

Hey, here’s a monochrome, green and yellow version of this theme. Check them out!

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40 Responses

  1. anima says:

    man, this is awesome! good job!

  2. Ryan Imel says:

    Awesome work, definitely. It reminds me of what I used for a long time on my personal blog way back when, before Mocha. Maybe I should dig it out and do something, like a child theme of Thematic perhaps :)

    Looking forward to more themes from you. Good one!

  3. Danny says:

    I love it, very clean and stylish!

  4. rgregory says:

    How did you get the menu bar at the top. I really like the look but can’t figure it out by looking at your functions.php and stylesheet. I suspect you did it with CSS alone?

    Any tips where to start if I wanted to move it there for my site?

  5. Hafiz Rahman says:


    Yes it’s done with CSS alone. The menu bar (#access inside the CSS) is positioned absolutely, with 0 distance from top, so it stays there. Now to bring the blog title and description down (#branding inside the CSS) I simply give them a top padding.

  6. rgregory says:

    Thank you Hafiz! I should have stated that I love your design in my comment above! Great work, I’ve added you to the old Rss.

  7. reynante says:

    i love this site

  8. koffiekitten says:

    Looks great, think I will change to this soon for a great fun feel for spring.

  9. MissyCola says:

    Hmm, I would like to see this theme on my blog, but unfortunately can’t install it. It says “template missing”.

  10. Hafiz Rahman says:

    MissyCola: Have you installed the Thematic theme too?

  11. bas says:

    Hey Hafiz! Great theme!! But I have a problem activating it:
    Currently I’m using Thematic 0.9 and Ian’s Acams Theme. When I upload “A Simple Love” and activate it, there’s only one message and no CSS-styling on my blog:

    “Warning: file(/www/htdocs/blablabla/wp-content/themes/asimplelove/style.css) [function.file]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /www/htdocs/blablabla/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180

    Warning: implode() [function.implode]: Bad arguments. in /www/htdocs/blablabla/wp-includes/theme.php on line 180”

    Implode? *wtf =)
    What I’m doing wrong?

  12. Matty says:

    I’m getting the same error as Bas.

  13. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Bas: does the /wp-content/themes/asimplelove/style.css exist? Because it seems like the problem is that wp can’t find that file.

  14. bas says:

    the style.css does exist. Just downloaded, unzipped and uploaded the theme without any changes.
    If I rename the folder from “a-simple-love” (the name of the unpacked zip) to “asimplelove”, the error disappears. (I’ve expected that :)
    But there’s still no css-styling on my blog with the activated layout. Searched the css-file but found nothing.

  15. Dax Davis says:

    I had the same error when activating the demo child theme. I had a – in my folder name, removed it and it worked. No idea why that was a problem, but it was. Also noticed the error kept showing the directory path without the – in it. Not sure why since the css file was in the hyphenated folder. Hope that helps.

  16. David says:

    Great theme, thanks. I have only one concern. I noticed that the content on my Pages is not styled like the default blog post content. Will you help me sync them up.

  17. David says:

    (Resolved) – nevermind to above comment. I figured to add #content .page…to currently styled .post declarations.

  18. ilteraktif says:

    Looks great, but the download doesn’t work.
    “Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.”

  19. Fiona says:

    This is an awesome theme, I would love to use it. Unfortunately, when I try to download it, I’m forwarded to a Not Found error. Many thanks!

  20. Andrea_R says:


    Ron did a version of Thematic to include Buddypress functions, so it should be easy to take this child theme above, make buddymatic the parent them and – voila! It works for BuddyPress. :D

  21. Why do i get this error? in the file /wp-includes/theme.php on line 180 .

  22. Great theme, I like it, I have download it for my next blog!

  23. Wow I have read your article and by the way I found you website on Yahoo and I think after I read several post on you website especially this one I have my own comment about what should I comment on the next hang out with my family, maybe tomorrow I will tell my girl friendabout this one and get debate.

  24. JM says:

    Hi, I have been using A Simple Love with my blog for about a year now and I still absolutely love it! Thanks so much for creating it and making it available for anyone to use.

    I have a question too: on a different Thematic + a child theme blog I have, there is currently no navigation bar across the top. Instead, I have to have a navigation menu in the sidebar. Is there an easy way to modify the child theme to add a horizontal navigation bar — similar to the one that A Simple Love has — to my other site?

  25. Aarius says:

    I am trying to decrease the width of the sidebar on the right sde of the page to allow all 3 of my post image gallery to be side-by-side. Can you help me?

  26. Great read. I found your website on yahoo and i have your page saved on my personal read list!
    I’m a fan of your site. Keep up the good work

  27. Sivilce says:

    Looks great, think I will change to this soon for a great fun feel for spring.

  28. NetBooks says:

    Nice information. I’m going to send your link to some of my friends if that’s okay with you.

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