Hackers Highlight 8 March 2009

Doug started the discussion on including TimThumb, the small php script used to resize, zoom and crop image files originally developed for the popular Mimbo Pro theme. Nathan Rice pointed out that WordPress already has an image resizing function. Mike Little then listed some of the available filters, located within wp-includes/media.php:

  • image_downsize
  • image_make_intermediate_size
  • editor_max_image_size
  • jpeg_quality

Lastly, Chris Jean linked to the WordPress File and Image Utility. This is a file and image utility library than can be used when building a theme to help dealing with things like file uploads, image resizing, and plenty of other things (there’s a complete feature list there). I think it’s quite awesome.

John Blackbourn introduced his WordPress User Switching plugin. Could be a great tool for development where you might need to change user accounts quickly to test various different cases.

Dan Fellars is building a medical code lookup site and found out the fact that numeric-only Post title is not allowed within WordPress. Otto explained why.

Alex Polite asked about good deployment tools to automate multiple WordPress installations. Stephen Rider offered up Virtual Multiblog. Ozh linked to his WordPress Upgrade Script. Eric Marden listed some of the more general build process tools: Phing, Capistrano, Ant, Maven, A-A-P for Python, and some others listed on Wikipedia.

Joost de Valk started the discussion on adding advertising spot inside his plugin setting page. It sparked quite a lot of thoughts and ideas, and I’ll let you go ahead and read the thread from the start if you’re interested.

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