Hackers Highlight: 01 March 2009

I think that the hackers at wp-hackers mailing list are the real unsung heroes of WordPress. Out of spotlight, day by day they band together to squash bugs, enhance performances, add great features, and many more. Take a look at your favorite part of WordPress. Do you know who coded that thing, who brought that feature from ideas to implementation, who debated it night and day whether it would be a good addition for WordPress? Probably not.

So to respect their labor of love, every Sunday on WPLover will highlight their latest stories, efforts and teamworks. So, without further ado, here’s the first edition of Hackers Highlight.

Will Anderson did a nice explanation (and example) on how having multiple values for one Custom Field key can be a good idea:

One way I’ve used multiple values for one key before was for a portfolio. I used a key called “featured” to indicate which clients I wanted in my featured clients list. The value of that meta field indicated what service they were featured for. Having duplicate key/value pairs allowed me to indicate that a client was to be featured in multiple service categories.

and this, I think, is particularly clever:

Another way to use multiple values for a key is to support pseudo categories for pages (which can then be used in page lists).

Johan Eenfeldt found out that translated WordPress takes about 86% longer to start, and offered three solutions to thins. Also of interest is Heiko Rabe’s reply:

If you think a plus of 90 msec is huge, please look at the timings of database requests of some so called premium or magazin themes, that run upto 400 queries to produce a page. They are the time killer, also all of the plugins filtering the whole content again and again. Queries and cascaded content filter (using expensive regexp) will consume much more time.

400 queries from a theme, not counting plugins? That’s quite a lot.

Demetris starts a discussion on whether the name Excerpt is semantically accurate. He also included a link to his lenghty, detailed post on what, why, how, tips and plugins revolving around WordPress plugins (have to use the Google cache there, the actual site was down when I tried to access it).

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