WordCamp Dallas 2008 Stories

So it seems like everyone attending WordCamp Dallas 2008 had a great time! Here’s from Ptah:

To summarize things up, I had a blast meeting so many people, getting a few business leads, learning a few new features in WordPress 2.5 I didn’t know existed, where it’s headed and just getting to know some passionate people who all have one thing in common: we love using WordPress.


# of Lorelle VanFossen WordPress Power Tips heard (Lost Count)


[Lorelle’s] session was fantastic. It never ceased to amaze me how she would take direct shots at specific features of WordPress, even with Matt sitting right there. This lady has guts :-)

and Jessica:

First and foremost, the weekend was so much fun! I got to meet some great local and not-so-local people from my Twitter timeline, and I made a lot of new connections as well. It was wonderful to be at an event with so many like-minded people all striving towards the same goal–to be better bloggers.

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