Building an AskMetaFilter Clone with WordPress

This post at AskMetaFilter sparked my thought about creating an AskMetaFilter-like site using WordPress. I’m running out of time, so bullet points to the rescue:

  • AskMeFi groups questions by displaying only one date for all questions posted at the same day (not unlike this blog). To have this in WordPress, you use the function the_date() instead of the_time() inside your theme. Consult the WordPress Classic theme for more example (it’s included with every installation of WordPress).
  • Use the Excerpt on the Create New Post form to display the short message that’s displayed on the questions lists. The single question display, of course, will show the actual post text. The question’s Title will not be displayed, but it will still be mandatory as per WordPress requirement.
  • Everything else is quite self-explanatory: Use user management so user can subscribe, post and answer questions. Change the word “comments” with “answers” but otherwise use the same functionality. Hide comment form from guests.

And that’s it. You have an AskMeFi done with WordPress.

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