Wait, So WP.com Theme Marketplace is Dead?

That Girl Again:

Automattic have started hiring designers to produce semi-exclusive themes for wordpress.com […] They seem to have abandoned the ‘marketplace’ model in favour of a more traditional client-based relationship where Matt hires you to produce a theme to his specifications then distributes it as he sees fit.

If it is, too bad. (Update: Nope it isn’t.)

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2 Responses

  1. Khairil says:

    I suspect they’ve got something under their hat. If you look at the structure of the latest WP.org version, a kind of service is possible where themes are delivered from outside the installation. For example, Automattic host a number of themes, then they distribute a plugin to subscribers. Subscribers install it on their WP.org blog and can pick any theme they want through the plugin. This way, subscriber can avoid the hassle upgrading the theme. It’d be easy for theme developers to maintain their themes as well. The reason they develop it on their own probably to develop a the theme framework first, for security.

  2. Matt says:

    Of course not, and you should know better than to quote her as news.