The Week in WordPress, 4th Week of September, 2012

I Don’t Use Custom Post Types In My Commercial WordPress Themes“: Mike McAlister sells themes (and he sells tons of it), yet he doesn’t use CPT feature for his themes. His argument is that there are cases where using Post and Page is simpler to handle user’s content. Selling commercial theme is one such case, and he hasn’t had any problem with his users from that decision.

Why I’m Against Placing Custom Hooks in WordPress Themes“: Tom McFarlin disagrees with the practice where themes create their own custom template hooks API. The comment section reveals in interesting movement called the “Theme Hooks Alliance“, an effort to standardize how developers add hooks to their themes.

My WordPress Theming Inspiration“: Ian Stewart loves really old Blogger templates. ;)

WordPress Workflow Tips: Using Subversion Externals for Plugins, Themes and Core“: Konstantin Kovshenin writes a tutorial where we can use WordPress-hosted theme/plugin Subversion repositories in our projects.

More Internationalization Fun“: Otto’s sequel to his great internationalization article, “Internationalization: You’re probably doing it wrong“.

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