The Week in WordPress: 1st Week of September, 2012

A guide to using WordPress to build SaaS Web Apps

A nice guide about using WordPress for creating web apps. Clever hacks involved. (via @kovshenin)

“The Plugins I Run”

Pippins Williamson went through the collection of plugins he have installed in his site, Pippin’s Plugins. His site is a rather advanced WordPress site with memberships, restricted contents, as well as offering various plugin downloads, so it’s worth taking a look what plugins help running it.

WordPress themes in top 1 million websites

An analysis on what themes are used by the most popular WordPress sites. Twenty Ten and Twenty Eleven top the list, a testimony of how capable the default themes are to support some of the biggest sites on the Web. (via @nomadone)

How To Add WordPress Themes Hooks and Actions to Your Existing WordPress Theme

If you develop a theme with modification and child theming in mind, adding hooks to common areas in the theme’s layout is a must. Here’s a neat tutorial to help you do just that.

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