The Week in WordPress: 4th Week of July, 2012

Why the WordPress theme customizer matters

Andy Adams of The Theme Foundry argues that the theme customizer is a key feature for WordPress’s relevance in the “build-your-own-site” market. I agree completely. Front-end customization via the theme customizer, and the theme customizer only, must become the new standard.


WPRealm is a great WordPress group blog with news, tutorials, and columns. Between this and Code Poet, it’s nice that WordPress is mature enough to the point that in-depth publications are showing up here and there.

Create A Responsive, Mobile-First WordPress Theme

A complete overview from planning to testing and everything in between.

WordPress Plugin Development Strategies

Good article by Pippin Williamson, of Pippin’s Plugins fame. If you’re a theme developer, knowing how to build a plugin will give you an advantage. Some theme features are better served by a plugin, and you can expect theme-plugin bundling to be the standard in the near future.

Overriding Options and Meta

Sometimes we do need to override default WordPress option values to achieve something in our theme. This tutorial gives good ideas how to do that. However, it’s also important to not breaks user’s expectations when we do this (e.g: she inputs something, your theme displays something else).

Special Report #1: Data Protection

Food for thought. If people enters something into our theme/plugin settings, make sure of its security and that they can retrieve it back anytime they want.

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