Did You Know? Manage and Write Area Relationship on WP's Dashboard

It’s a little feature, but I believe it to be a great usability practice: If you go to Manage > Post, and you click the “Write” navigation tab, it will open the Write Post area (obviously). However, if you are on the Manage > Page at the moment, the “Write” tab will take you to the Write Page area. Last one, if you are on Manage > Links, guess what the “Write” tab will take you to? Right, the Add Link area. This effect also happens when you go from Write to Manage area.

It’s small and barely noticeable, but I love the attention to details.

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1 Response

  1. Rick Beckman says:

    Barely noticeable is right! Then again, I so rarely use the Pages and Links write/manage areas that I guess there hasn’t been too much opportunity to see this behavior.

    Thanks for sharing. Now I won’t be surprised when the Write tab doesn’t go directly to post writing. :D