Hell Yeah! Theme Directory is Back!

We all know about the terrible state of themes.wordpress.net. For a while, we’ve been waiting for a new theme directory to re-emerge. And that day has finally come! Behold, the new WordPress Theme Directory! (via Jeffr0).

I’m going to test this now. More report soon.


Done uploading the Our Rights theme. The process is simple, you upload your theme and someone at WordPress will review it: once it’s done, they will inform you via e-mail and your theme should be listed there. One awesome thing is that the theme directory scans your files for common stuff that’s still missing on your theme. After my first try, I’m told that I need to add a few CSS snippets to deal with images. Yes, they don’t tell me to write my own CSS for that, the code is already there, ready to be copy and pasted on my own CSS.

Once I reuploaded the theme, everything is done. Now that I think of it, the CSS provided by the Theme Directory might break my layout. But heck, I already submitted it out of excitement without testing first. I’m sure theme authors will be able to revise their themes once they’re listed, so no worries here.

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