WordPress 3.0 Theme Development Links

These are some of the best, currently available resources on the various WordPress 3.0 features relevant to theme development. I’ve been using and growing this list personally for a while as a sort of launchpad and they should be enough for most development needs.

There are plenty other resources, tutorials, and tips out there that I do not include here, though. For that, Google is your friend.


Custom Post Types

Custom Taxonomies


Custom Header and Background

Editor Styles

New Theme Template Files


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7 Responses

  1. Keri says:

    Great, I needed this. Thanks a lot! =)

  2. Tookangweb says:

    yeah, this is very important for learning WordPress 3.0 :) thanks

  3. WebmistressM says:

    Any idea which frameworks are best for WordPress 3? Your article does not mention it, but it seems that loop.php is called so that you only have to change the loop in one location. Are there any good theming tools that encompass all the new style sheet and them changes ala Thelonious?

  4. حسافه says:

    i need this to .. thanks man

  5. Sjoerdtie says:

    Dude .. (can I say dude?) this is really awesome. Thanks a bunch! I’ll be definately checking this out a lot!

  6. Jaki Levy says:

    These are great WordPress resources – I actually just started digging into a really really solid book on WordPress 3.0. It’s got some really nice code samples, and is written by a few pro WordPress developers (including some from Envato). I’m actually giving away 2 copies of the e-book on my site – check out the details about the e-book and the giveaway here – I think you’ll dig it : http://bit.ly/lq20Ff

  1. July 7, 2010

    […] 反正3.0 上的新功能已经不是新鲜事儿,很多折腾星人从它的beta版时就已经摸了个透彻,要来个汇总什么的推荐大家看这一篇文章:WORDPRESS 3.0 THEME DEVELOPMENT LINKS,应该错不了。我这次需要的只是custom menu 的功能部分,也不复杂,大家在上面链接里的开头部分就能够知道清楚了,我在这里也没必要再贴次代码,略过。 […]