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I’m beginning to wonder about the image editing features in WordPress. Shouldn’t post image editing be done prior to uploading anyways?

Yes. There are very good web-based image editors out there, I don’t see why WordPress would need to have it built-in. Making it a plugin seems to be a better solution.

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  1. Dave says:


    We use WordPress to run a community news website in Upstate New York (; 11 years old).

    We get dozens of community submissions each day (using the wonderful Gravity Forms) because we’ve been around so long. Most submissions come with photos attached.

    Having these submissions go straight into the CMS saves us a ton of time. Simple editing features within the CMS make it possible for us to easily clean up the … um … rather random photographic skills of the community.

    Having those features built into WP means that we will never have an issue where the plugin developer stops development of the plugin or is two or three versions behind.