A Social Design Perspective on Hacking

Bokardo, Joshua Porter’s WordPress-powered blog, has been temporarily dropped from Google’s search result due to excessive spam comments. The highlight of the post, though, is his thoughts on hacking when viewed with the social design perspective. Plus he had this idea for the WP community:

Also, I would presume that other people using WordPress are also having this problem. Couldn’t we set up a tracking system (much like a bug-tracking system) that catalogues these breaches? Then we would see how widespread they are, and we might gain some momentum in combatting them. Maybe the perpetrators are a small group or a small number of individuals?

PS: He’s upgraded to WP 2.5 now, and the spamming seems to stop.

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  1. April 9, 2008

    […] Bokardo’s story yesterday, Technorati announces that they will do the same thing Google did: Because of this ongoing problem, […]