A Word of Warning for WordPress Theme Developers

I thought licensing your theme with GPL is enough to get it included on the Theme Directory, but looks like I’m wrong. Matthew Lyle’s Elegant Blog theme is rejected because his site advertises Thesis and Themeforest:

You must either create a separate website to house them, or remove any “support” of non-GPL themes from your website. This would include advertisements for something like the Thesis theme, ThemeForest, and also any paid themes that you’ve created in the past that are not GPL compatible.


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1 Response

  1. Rick Beckman says:

    The weird thing is that the plugin repository has numerous plugins which are designed for and promote the Thesis theme, including my OpenHook plugin, which has enjoyed considerable success. Still, I do regret that Thesis was never open sourced and have bigger, open plans for OpenHook which I am looking forward to getting rolling.