Pico Theme Update: Version 1.0.7

It looks like Pico wins something (yay!), so to celebrate here’s an update for it, bringing it to version 1.0.7. The improvements are:

  • The home page now shows previous and next posts navigation links.
  • Better top header menu, now using the bulletproof Page-based navigation technique.
  • Better 404 page. Now shows a search box and some useful links.
  • New widget area, Pico Single Bottom. It’s located right below a single Post, great for things like social sharing widgets, related posts, and so on.
  • Style for Visual Editor (a.k.a WYSIWYRG), so the text you see on the editor looks more similar to the actual design, thanks to Oz’s guide.
  • A bunch of typographic and design tweaks.

Download Pico directly here, or visit the theme’s landing page.


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2 Responses

  1. Septian says:

    Great theme…can’t wait to try it ^^

    nyasar kesini dari web english…mayan nih buat koleksi…
    cuman Color Schheme nya Pico terlalu simpel….klo bisa dibikin Glossy aja…ehehehe…