Recommended Design Articles for WordPress Theme Designers

The way I see it, designing and developing a theme is part of web design in general, and it’s only going to make our themes much, much better in quality if we keep on sharpening our design skill. Sure, it’s important to learn how to code and hack a feature into our theme, but having a good understanding of design is an equally necessary part.

I’m sure we don’t have to worry about the quantity of currently available WordPress themes; but the quality? That’s the kind of improvement I’d like to see in our community, so let’s do this, guys.

Style versus Design. Here, Jeffrey Zeldman explains the importance of looking beyond just focusing on eye candy:

Design communicates on every level. It tells you where you are, cues you to what you can do, and facilitates the doing. Style is tautological; it communicates stylishness. In visual terms, style is an aspect of design; in commercial terms, style can communicate brand attributes.

Learn About Design, Not Making Things Pretty. A short article that will teach us to always question “why” we put a particular element in our design, why we do things this way and not that way, and so on.

You Are Not A Designer And I Am Not A Musician. This is an eye-opening article about the state of web design. The original article was written two years ago and see how little have changed since that time.

4 Principles of Good Design for Websites. The four principles are Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity, explained clearly with examples.

How to Make Your Web Design Stand out from the Crowd. 3 ways to make your site stand out from the crowd. 3 Powerful Ways To Make Typography Talk On Your Website. These three articles are part inspirational, part practical guides on web design.

Those are some articles that I believed all worth reading and learning. Do you have any recommended articles to share?

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